About Us

About Us

We are Athenians,
we know and
we love our City.

We want to invite you to discover and love Athens too. Athens is alive modern,classical,bright and unique and shares with you the ancient secret of positive feeling and thinking.
We will show you Athens our way and you are certain to agree with us.
We love Athens

Filos Guides

Filos Guides are Athenians ,well educated sophisticated
and happy personalities with love and knowledge for their
city and the generous spirit of Filoxenia.
Filoxenia (Terminology from Wilipedia)
An act of hospitableness and welcoming

Get a Filos

Get a Filos and let him guide you,day and night to all
famous and secret spots and places and feel the pulse of
real Athens. Feel welltreated and ask him to provide you
any of the services you may need in the city.