Vassilis and Elizas Goulandris Museum

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Museum innovation 

I recently visited the city’s new museum in Pagrati and was thrilled with its entrance.
What an acquisition. An excellent pole of attraction for culture and learning but also an excellent attraction as it hosts rare paintings by famous worldwide artists with a unique Monet at the forefront, which will surely be a point of attraction for ubiquitous art lovers not only of our city but of the world.
I spent hours in the museum enjoying every minute, every work,
But what I was thinking about throughout my visit was how thankful I was to this couple, which created this museum and invested their lives in collecting great works of unparalleled value, representing Greece in all the artistic circles abroad and ultimately inheriting us to be able to admire this unique art collection.
Merciful people who managed to make their lives worthwhile with this unique artistic offer in Athens and to everyone for the present and the future.
The aesthetics of Great Britain are not limited to construction, she envelops you from the moment you pass her wonderful door.
And it all starts with the courtesy of the staff, the peaceful luxury of the furniture, the decoration and ends with its refined gastronomy. With the inspirations of the executive chef Asterio Koustoudi and Eugenio Vardakastani with excellent suggestions for a refined brunch with sweet and savory treats.
In Great Britain, I always feel like I’m living in a fairy tale and the yearly family picture under its magical Christmas tree, marks my own magical holidays.

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